THE QUESTION: “What does Intimacy mean to you?”

What to Submit…

You can submit video, an audio recording or some text to help with this research and contribute your thoughts.

  • A video would be a recording made on your phone with your face to camera, answering the below question.

  • A sound recording wouldn’t feature anything other than your voice, again answering the below question.

  • A text submission would be a written statement answering the below question in your own words. I’ve not included instructions below as you are welcome to just use the text capabilities of any of the submission options (ie email), or using a text editing program.


When shooting a video, if possible, set the highest resolution you can and turn the phone to portrait mode so I can see you from say the waist / chest up.

Think about using a gorilla pod or resting your phone against your coffee mug rather than hold it in front of you. But really, if all you have is your arm then don’t let that stop you!

Turn the volume up so I can hear you load and clear.

Answer with sincerity, there is no need to rehearse.

Keep it clean please!

Recording sound on your phone is great - most phones will have an Inbuilt sound recording program.

Turn the volume up so I can hear you loud and clear.

As above, answer with honesty and keep it clean. Thank you.


How to submit…

1) Write your answer / record your video / record your soon clip

2) Save your file with your email address and name if you’d like to keep in touch, if not just your name will do.

4) You can send me your submission in a number of ways:

  • Email me on

  • Whats app me on 0785 2201184

  • Facebook message me your contribution or,

  • If you would prefer to upload using Dropbox and have an account then please use the button below.

5) Grab a ‘yay for you’ cuppa or glass of wine for helping a student with their studies!

6) Finally - THANK YOU!

Got a question? Would like to know even more about the project? Excellent!

Just get in touch using