The Project



Intimacy is a wide spread topic.

It means lots of different things to lots of different people. If you Alexa its ‘sexual touch’, if you ask a Mother she may say the bond between her and her child and if you ask good friends they might say the moments of silence they can spend together without having to say anything.

It’s often a shared experience, it’s often with someone you know. It’s sometimes with strangers. It can include touch, kissing or the use of your body. It can be a look. It can be a shared secret or a moment with someone you love. Is intimacy presumed? Is it formed from experience or expectation?

In view of trying to explore this and get as many opinions and thoughts as possible, I thought i’d ask you - the public! My aim is to get as much feedback as possible, as many different views and definitions of intimacy as I can. What is it to you? Is it touch? Is it a thought? Is it loud or quiet, is it soft or firm? What is it?!

There is no wrong or right, I’d just really like to know what you think and what your thoughts are, and I will collate all of the answers I get in order to try and look at how my pre-conceived ideas of intimacy may be challenged, upheld or changed and maybe get a closer glimpse in to what we think intimacy might be.

Once again, thank you for taking part.
Carli x