If you’ve seen my Instagram posts or stories recently you may well have seen some of my work which aims to look at Gender Identity and Performance and specifically just to gain a bit of a better understanding of how the landscape of gender is changing, and in a binary outline what that looks like and feels like for those outside of the considered ‘norm.’

There is so much chatter about this at the moment and I have soooo far to go in even beginning to understand, what I do know is that I believe everyone has a right to be who they want to be and live their very best life regardless of the body they were given at birth, the people they love or the way they dress. I believe equality can be for all of us and that everything should be open for discussion.

This is clearly a huge subject and earlier this year I began looking at those whom are uncomfortable or don’t feel their physical body represents who they really are, collaborating with an incredible couple called Chris and Nicole. This project, INSIDE | OUTSIDE can be found here.

In a bid to help broaden minds and start conversations, navigate the language so heavily tied in to these discourses, reduce intimidation and just ask questions - I am looking at Hair.

Historically loaded, inherently used to make snap judgements on gender or even social class, conforming to binary understandings of female and male; Hair is powerful!

Therefore I’m asking you to help explore this topic and build a library of hair with no assumptions or labels as to who is who or how they identify - #shareyourhair

On your head, underarms, legs, chest, face, genitals, back, toes, whatever - just share it and let’s build a collection of beautiful imagery that re defines the traditional teachings of hair as an identifier of gender!

You can take a picture yourself or we can arrange a date for me to come and photograph you. You don’t need to identify yourself and I won’t identify you in the final photographs but unlabelled, unplugged I’m keen to build this in to a huge collection of human hair!

If you’d like to get involved or send me a picture of some of your hair - please do drop me an email, I’d LOVE to hear from you.