- Presumed Intimacy -

Firstly thank you for visiting this page and for taking an interest in this project.

I’ve set this portal up so that you can learn a little more about the project should you wish, and as an access point to submit your video, sound recording or text.

As per the introduction you may have already had, this project forms part of the research for my MA in Documentary and Photo Journalism, where I am exploring intimacy in its many forms and understandings. This really is an important part of that research so once again, Thank you!

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About the Project:

A little more information about the project and about the aims of the research, plus about me if you should you be interested!

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What to submit:

A quick guide to submitting either video, audio or text.

Honestly, it’s easy but hopefully this provides just a few tips which might help and also answers any questions or queries…

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Don’t forget to pay a visit to the ‘what to submit’ page to answer any questions or learn more. Either way, Thank you and I really look forward to receiving your contribution…