Feature Project: Delicious Healthspan....

Client: Healthspan

Project brief: With a whole new range of food products and proteins, the aim was to release healthy, nutritious and vitamin filled snacks or drinks in to the market - one's that were packed with nutrient's and actually tasted good. I can confirm, they do!  Therefore the photography was to accompany this launch for both print and web, positing the products in a range of everyday situations recognisable to the consumer. 

Food isn't a specialism of mine but it's something I really enjoy and this shoot was no different, with 2 days of shooting, a food stylist and a whole studio of wonderful props.  I offered a full service agency approach with location, cast and crew sourcing and the client left art direction with myself and the team following an initial brainstorm and download.  

This shoot is to form the guidelines for more photography moving forward as new products and ranges are released, so fingers crossed that there is more to follow and more wonderful deliciousness to be experienced!

For a quick behind the scenes time-lapse video, take a look below.  You will witness a fair few movings of flapjacks and a lot of grated chocolate!  


Feature Project: Action Sustainability

Client: Rouge Media / Action Sustainability 

Project brief: Rouge are a fabulous digital agency based in Berkshire and they got in touch to ask if we could help one of their clients to create some fresh new photography for their website, which Rouge Media were re creating. Having had a sneaky peak, the new site looks incredible, fresh, modern and really engaging - just what we love!

Head on over to the new site to see their work and ours! 




How to brief your photographer

I am often part of the creative process of a shoot and therefore, tend to collaborate on projects right from the start, offering experience and best practice for how we can get the very best out of a set of images. 

However, a project needs to start somewhere and that is normally with a marketing manager, someone in Communications or a brand manager, agency or fellow creative. Either way there are some things that can be done to make the journey of briefing your photographer just that little bit easier......

1) Why are you commissioning the shoot - what are the aims?

You don't have to have immaculate detail here or specifics but an idea of what you need the photographs for, and why is key. What are your expectations and how do you see the photography performing for you? Are the images to work alongside other collateral or marketing efforts as a general visual library, or are they going in a brochure to sell a specific product or service? Or, are you looking for new team portraits to update your website and your look?

2) Logistics

How many images do you think you might need or if you don't know, how many people do you think you might need photographing? Another way to look at it is what space do you have to fill be it online or print.  The answers to many of the questions in point 1 will help define this.

3) More Logistics

In addition to numbers, where would you like the shoot to take place?  Does it need to happen on a location that might work with a campaign, at your clients offices or at your own head office?

4) Creative

So this is a big hence you'll see me discuss this in another post. For now though, what creative guidelines do you already have, or what are your brand values? Is there specifics you need to consider when it comes to the style or approach to photography that might be taken or are you exploring something new and keen to collaborate and generate some fab new ideas? I love this side of the project so could talk about it for ages (I promise I won't!) but start thinking about who you are and what your'e saying. 

5) Who are you communicating with? 

Keen not to make this post too long so short and sweet - who are you talking to? Who are your customers and what do they want to see? What would surprise and delight them?

If you'd like to know more look out for future posts or drop me an email and I'd be happy to chat or send you our handy tips guide via email. 

Bringing in the New Year

I start this blog with a huge Happy New Year!

As we start back at the studio, with the heating ramped up after the barns have been sat cold for a couple of weeks; it makes me think about how lucky I am to look forward to be returning.

Not only because I can say hello to the other fabulous creatives I share space with, or that I get back to a normal routine which doesn't involve quality street for breakfast, or to just crack on with outstanding bits I left behind.

But I realise that the luck is that I love my job so much. I genuinely enjoy being here, dealing with queries, editing and talking to my clients again. I looked forward to being back and I am loving it!

So to all those pursuing goals this year or thinking about resolutions....keep at it and go and chase those dreams!