Why I give away some of my photography...

You may or may not know, but every few months I give away some imagery. Yes, totally free, complimentary photographs that you can use within your social media, websites or really wherever it may suit. There is no ties or obligations, I just need your email address os I can send you the packs.  Fear not, this does not mean you’ve just signed your life away to receive daily pictures of my cats or endless sales pitches. 

Anyway, someone asked why I sent the imagery and I thought it was a great question!

Firstly, I did it for me. Totally selfish reasons. I wanted to shoot more stuff that allowed me to play a little more and the only intentions it had was those I had set for it. 

Now this was and is harder than imagined because although I want the images to be an expression of myself or an opportunity to work without boundaries, in some sense you need these boundaries. I also wanted them to be useful and something that clients and the like would actually want to receive and utilise. 

So while the latter tends to guide any objectives for the projects, I see the ‘free stock shots’  as an opportunity which offers myself and Rebecca a day every couple of months, where we can have a look at what we think clients might find useful, whats accessible to us and then perhaps what sort of thing we would like to do! 

It’s actually harder than it looks when you are trying to satisfy an internal creative itch as well, but either way its something that I feel committed to and that alone excites me. It pulls me away from the editing desk, away from client written briefs and even if its just on our own turf (ie the most recent pack was shot at the farm where out studio is based) it gives us the chance to do something a little different. 

I say this all, never forgetting that it also hopefully creates some content for others that can be used without restriction; no rules, no questions just free imagery that is there for the taking. 

I always say that I welcome your ideas or any thoughts you have on what’s useful for you or perhaps you’d just like to see played out.  Maybe you’ve got a concept you’d like to explore, maybe your’e an artist looking for a collaborations .Perhaps you are an agency keen to explore or with clients that have the need for imagery but aren’t quite ready to invest in it yet or a business that wants to look at new ways of working with photography. Well let’s chat. Let’s grab coffee and brainstorm some ideas! 

If you haven’t seen any of the image packs yet or you’d just like a nosey, see the link below to access the most recent one and if you’d like any archived projects pop us an email and Rebecca or I will share them with you.