It can still tell a story...

Portraiture is one of those things that can be approached in so many different ways, and with so many uses really is something that can be creative, thought provoking and make a great impact on website in terms of introducing your team or your business. 

The main thing I always think is important though, regardless of style, is to ensure you make the session really fun for those partaking and capture a sense of their personality in the final results. 

I recently shot some simple, plain background portraits that would work flexibly across a website, linked in, social media and other various applications for the wonderful team at TDR, The Bridal Rooms based in Birmingham. Truly, what a fabulous team. Warmly welcomed, surrounded by stunning wedding dresses and kept suitably topped up with coffee we had a great day.  TDR were not only pleased with their photographs but they enjoyed the session and what went from something relatively intimidating for some of them became something next time, they won't have to fear.