Feature Project: Delicious Healthspan....

Client: Healthspan

Project brief: With a whole new range of food products and proteins, the aim was to release healthy, nutritious and vitamin filled snacks or drinks in to the market - one's that were packed with nutrient's and actually tasted good. I can confirm, they do!  Therefore the photography was to accompany this launch for both print and web, positing the products in a range of everyday situations recognisable to the consumer. 

Food isn't a specialism of mine but it's something I really enjoy and this shoot was no different, with 2 days of shooting, a food stylist and a whole studio of wonderful props.  I offered a full service agency approach with location, cast and crew sourcing and the client left art direction with myself and the team following an initial brainstorm and download.  

This shoot is to form the guidelines for more photography moving forward as new products and ranges are released, so fingers crossed that there is more to follow and more wonderful deliciousness to be experienced!

For a quick behind the scenes time-lapse video, take a look below.  You will witness a fair few movings of flapjacks and a lot of grated chocolate!