The ladies at Fairclose

The new website opens with a photograph of three rather lovely looking ladies, all in their older years but most importantly, happy. 

These are three of the members of Fairclose, a community centre based in Newbury where for the past six months or so I have been volunteering.  

As my first post may have suggested, I have been struggling to complete personal projects for the past few years.  A jam packed diary, lots of commercial commissions and generally life; I decided it was time to nurture the one thing that drives innovation in all of my work - my creativity!  I needed to step back and start shooting for myself again. 

I approached Fairclose part way through my journey but it's been a really important part of it, as it has helped me to see I can step outside of my comfort zone and I can commit to making time for personal pursuits.  Realising their value and necessity as a photographer and someone who is driven & inspired by new discovery and creativity.  

Besides these huge benefits, it has also given me the opportunity to volunteer with a centre and a group of people wholly deserving of it.  It's the one way I can really show my gratitude and them letting me lose with my camera and it gives me time.  To to spend with the members, with the staff and be an even bigger part of the learning, the journey and the lives of these mind glowingly interesting people.  Even further enriching the portraits and making them closer to my heart.  

So to those asking 'Why the three ladies."  Because I think they are amazing, they inspire me to live more, to shoot more, to learn more.  They make me smile, and I hope they make you smile too!