Keeping business local - On our Farm

Client: Luna Studios

Project brief: A young and fresh digital design and web agency, relaunching their website and keen to have a small library of images which captured their personalities and might be used throughout their communication to highlight some of the projects they work on. 

This project was close to my heart as I share a creative space with Luna - #creativesinthecountryside. Their results are evident within the work they produce but their approach and customer concern is second to none.  

Visit Luna Studios here and enjoy a few examples of the photographs below. 

Feature Project: Metia and Dell Rugged

Client: Metia - Dell (Rugged)

Project brief: A day in the countryside with the military, some seriously high tech equipment, a film crew and a couple of tanks - this project had instant appeal!

I was asked to create a library of images that could be used to promote the rugged capabilities of  some of the Dell products for the UK market, working around a production crew who were creating an online advertisement in the same vein.

We had to work quickly around the filming taking place, the questionable weather and the fact we were literally in the middle of nowhere;  but the guys in the army were great & between myself and Rebecca (my trust assistant) we were able to collaborate to produce some creative and informative visuals that are now used in both online and print campaigns and communications. 

For those wishing to see the video, feel free to check it out here

Feature Project: Daughters of the Soil - Fashion & Beauty

Client: Daughter of the Soil

Project brief: Wow, now thats a big one!

I worked with a new, home grown skincare brand offering luxurious and ethical natural products, powered by African heritage botanicals and its equally impressive founders Maria and Hellen who had started something incredibly personal to them. 

Inspired by Maria's great-grandmother Onyang, the brand is based on ravishing the body with natural goodness while supporting initiatives to support rural women in farming communities in Uganda through farming and business mentoring - clearly a couple of ladies on a mission I was very excited to be working on lifestyle, portraiture and stills across this project. 

We explored the creative narratives of the brand, the ways in which imagery might be used and the ways in which we could capture its enthusiasm and indigenous start along side its high end market point.  Starting with coffee and creative time we followed by pulling together models, props and suitable locations, then began to create a library of images that could be used online, in printed communications, marketing and social media plus stock shots for online retail.  With fashion and variations of styled stills this was a challenging but exciting project, with all hands on deck and fully utilised all of the services I am able to offer. (Which I love!) 

It was one of my favourite projects of last year and continues to be, and Daughter of the Soil continues to go from strength to strength which is even better, I smile each time I see a picture or a post of their exciting news.  

It's definitely worth taking a look at their products and reading more about their story here so head over if you fancy a peek. (and the pictures of course!)