Feature Project: Click IQ...

Client: Click IQ

Project brief: Click IQ are a great team and warmly welcomed myself and Rebecca to the office over a couple of half days in order to achieve some photography for their new website, which was launching due to their growth as a firm & some rather exciting technology that they were sharing with their own clients. 

A beautiful countryside location in Godalming introduces us to Beverly & Richard who co founded the company, plus of course their office dog!

Helping with their creative brief, visuals & post production I was super pleased to be recommended in by their video company From The Hip, another fab team should you not have worked with them before. 

Anyway, I loved these guys and could talk about them for ages, instead I'll share some pictures and encourage you to meet the team yourselves and visit their swanky new website!

Feature Project: The Vodafone Foundation

Client: The Vodafone Foundation

Project brief: This post gives you a few pictures from a couple of events I've had the pleasure of being part of for the Vodafone Foundation, who do some amazing work supporting various good causes worldwide as well as here at home in the UK. 

From providing education to those in war torn or poverty stricken countries and helping to deliver public benefit through the use of mobile technology across health, education and disaster relief.  Their events can be short on time and often include people or items that cannot be photographed, but always up for a challenge and still keen to illustrate what fabulous occasions these were I wanted to share two events that took place in London earlier this year. 

"These are lovely.....beautiful"

Feature Project: Delicious Healthspan....

Client: Healthspan

Project brief: With a whole new range of food products and proteins, the aim was to release healthy, nutritious and vitamin filled snacks or drinks in to the market - one's that were packed with nutrient's and actually tasted good. I can confirm, they do!  Therefore the photography was to accompany this launch for both print and web, positing the products in a range of everyday situations recognisable to the consumer. 

Food isn't a specialism of mine but it's something I really enjoy and this shoot was no different, with 2 days of shooting, a food stylist and a whole studio of wonderful props.  I offered a full service agency approach with location, cast and crew sourcing and the client left art direction with myself and the team following an initial brainstorm and download.  

This shoot is to form the guidelines for more photography moving forward as new products and ranges are released, so fingers crossed that there is more to follow and more wonderful deliciousness to be experienced!

For a quick behind the scenes time-lapse video, take a look below.  You will witness a fair few movings of flapjacks and a lot of grated chocolate!  


Feature Project: Action Sustainability

Client: Rouge Media / Action Sustainability 

Project brief: Rouge are a fabulous digital agency based in Berkshire and they got in touch to ask if we could help one of their clients to create some fresh new photography for their website, which Rouge Media were re creating. Having had a sneaky peak, the new site looks incredible, fresh, modern and really engaging - just what we love!

Head on over to the new site to see their work and ours!